3 Vocal Power Points In Just 5 Minutes.

Easy. Effective. Results!

  • Strength & Support

    Power Breath Exercise for Max Vocal Strength & Support

  • Connect & Control

    Simple Specific Technique That Connects Your Voice For Control

  • Freedom & Range

    Voice Placement Method That Creates Vocal Freedom & Range

Bonuses & Extras

Supportive bonuses and downloadable PDF's to help your success in fulfilling your goals.

  • Vocal Confidence Builder (Audio Track & Worksheet)

    How To Stop Negative Thoughts From Letting You Sing.

  • Special Vocal Trick To Hit That High Note

    Learn An Easy Effective Goofy Instant Technique To Break Through The Mental Block Of High Notes.

  • Vocal Goals Fun Work Sheet & More

    Write out your vocal goals to help take the action to fulfill the goals and dreams you have for your voice, PLUS other supportive bonus material.

Why This Program Was Designed

For Singers Just Like You

Voice Coach

Nyla Cione

I designed this program for all my students and singers just like you who have the dream to sing your best and feel confident about sharing your voice. Early on in my singing career, I struggled with feeling connected to my voice and being able to genuinely express it. I was in search of finding my higher register without pushing and straining my voice. After years of studying and working with several seasoned voice coaches and teachers, I took all of my studies and personal experiences and created a voice-changing coaching approach that gets to the root of what holds us back from really reaching our personal best with our voice. I've had the privilege of training over hundreds of singers of all levels and ages and this intro program gives you the beginning foundation to help your voice soar.