Made Just For Wilmington Voice Coach Students

This support program is included with your vocal training.

What's Included.

This program is designed to support the training that we'll cover in your private one on one online voice lessons.

  • Never miss a beat in what we cover in your lessons with reminders of the techniques and methods with examples.

  • Quick easy effective follow up vocal workouts that fit into any schedule..

  • Diagrams and visuals along with fun sheets that help build your vocal confidence and vocal goals.

Voice Coach

Nyla Cione

Welcome to your vocal support program! I've designed this vocal support program to complement the training we'll be doing in your lessons. As we move along in your training, I'll be able to recommend which workouts to focus on based on your goals. Any questions at all, you can text me at 910-726-0406 or email me. Welcome To The Studio Singers!